(15 individual applicants and 5 joint allocation students)

Since the establishment of the University, providing education to overseasChinese students has been among the objectives of the University. In addition to having a higher percentage of openings for overseasChinese students compared to other universities, the University established theOverseas Joint Admissions Committee in 1996. The Committee is responsible for the recruitment and promotion activities concerning overseasChinese students for various universities in Taiwan. The University provides support for overseasChinese students in fields such as adaptation, academic affairs, mental well-being, club activities, scholarships, and post-graduation communications. A comprehensive system has been established to ensure better care for overseasChinese students at the University. The number of overseasChinese students at the University has increased proportionately with the number of departments, increasing from 21 in 1996 to 256 in 2000. The recruitment of overseasChinese graduate students was also calculated from 2001, increasing the number of overseasChinese students to 384 in 2004.

The majority of overseasChinese students at the University are from Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia. The College of Humanities and the College of Management contain the highest number of overseasChinese students. The Office of Research and Development and other education-related departments have jointly established overseas in-service education courses for faculty of overseas compatriot schools. In addition to providing teacher training, the courses are also centered on cultivating the teachers’ professional knowledge. The University also offers overseas faculty training courses during summer and winter vacation to reinforce the training provided to teachers of overseasChinese students. The University has also discussed the possibility of offering openings in graduate or postgraduate programs for faculty teachers of overseasChinese students to further their education. The University founded the National Chi Nan University Department of Graduate Institute of Guidance and Counseling (Singapore) Master’s Program in 2006. The University has also established Taiwan Education Centers in Vietnam and Indonesia to provide the aforementioned services. To reinforce the teaching efforts of the Language Teaching and Research Center, the University established the Master’s Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, thereby promoting the development of Chinese teaching and research. The Master’s Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language benefits not only the University’s overseasChinese students, but also the cultivation of domestic and international faculty that teach Chinese as a second language.

• For relevant regulations on overseasChinese students, please refer to the University’s admissions guide. The guide can be downloaded on the University’s website free of charge (link: http://www.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/)

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