Undergraduate Core Competencies:

1.To apply engineering mathematics/engineering knowledge and science

2.To analyze and explain data and design and execute experiments

3.To execute techniques essential in engineering practice and use modern tools

4.To design engineering system and components

5.To manage projects (incl., budget plans), engage in effective communication, combine disciplines, and work in a team

6.To uncover, analyze, and apply research findings and resolve complex, integrated engineering problems

7.To understand current engineering techniques and their effects on the environment, community, and the world, as well as cultivate continued learning abilities

8.To understand and apply professional theories, recognize social responsibility, and respect different opinions

Graduate and Postgraduate Competencies:

1.To gain professional knowledge in civil engineering

2.To plan and execute thematic projects

3.To compose papers and presentations

4.To accumulate new knowledge concerning engineering techniques, develop innovative thinking, analyze problems, and collate ideas and problems

5.To coordinate and integrate interdisciplinary affairs and work in a team

6.To develop world view

7.To foster planning, management, and leadership skills

8.To develop lifelong learning and development abilities

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